The Foundation of Great Decisions and Successful Projects

When you face complex planning and procurement projects, DecisionDirector® provides world-class tools that deliver world-class results – and the advisory services to make it all happen.

Stakeholder Collaboration Tools

Create and configure collaboration events that easily and effectively capture structured and unstructured feedback, ratings, questions, suggestions, and comments from project stakeholders.

  • Vision and discovery
  • Legacy system assessments
  • Requirements gathering and prioritization
  • Current state business process review and ratings
  • Current and future state business process documentation review and feedback
  • Proposal, bid defense, product demonstration evaluations
  • Reference check ratings and notes

and many more.

Document Library and Content Editor

At the heart of DecisionDirector is the Document Library, and at the heart of the document library is the Content Editor. DecisionDirector’s library and content management tools allow you to create, configure, use, re-use, and share documents that drive powerful collaborations and foster world-class procurements.

What kind of documents?

  • DecisionDirector Knowledge Packs (learn more)
  • RFP Templates
  • Standard Terms and Condition
  • Special Terms and Conditions
  • Statements of Work
  • Definitions of Terms
  • Pricing Forms
  • Vendor Questionnaires
  • Accessibility Compliance Forms (WCAG and Section 508 VPATs)
  • Business Process Documentation

and more.

RFx Tools and Resources

With DecisionDirector, you can conduct an entirely (or partially) paperless RFP process for even the most complex procurements. Vendors respond on-line in private, secure response environments, all according to your specific response definitions and instructions.

Typical responses?

  • Structured responses to line-item details such as technical and functional requirements
  • Structured and narrative responses to your business process requirements
  • Rich text narrative and hybrid responses to open-ended questions, with or without accompanying attachments
  • On-line, interactive responses to questionnaires and accessibility forms
  • Download of blank forms with upload of completed form

and much more.

DecisionDirector Knowledge Packs

Knowledge Packs are customizable collections of best-practice requirements, project discussion and discovery questions, evaluation criteria, and more, that are specifically designed to give project teams a huge boost and a fast start.

Knowledge Packs “plug-in” to DecisionDirector’s stakeholder collaboration tools to create extraordinary clarity and alignment.

Advantiv maintains a library of Knowledge Packs, as do many of our consulting partners. And you can, too.

Popular Knowledge Packs include:

  • Finance System Requirements
  • Human Capital Management System Requirements
  • CRM Requirements
  • Learning Management System Requirements
  • Student System Requirements

and many more.

If you are getting ready for a major procurement planning and project, or are in the middle of one and need assistance, contact us for a no-obligation conversation.