Our clients and partners say the nicest things…

Having a unanimous decision on which ERP to select, which was facilitated by DecisionDirector, has really paid dividends now that we have reached the tough part of our implementation process. (We are preparing to bring payroll up in January.) Our users all know that they chose this system and so their level of commitment to the project is much higher than it would have been if the decision was done differently.

Fred Sherman

Vice Chancellor, Information Technology, Foothill-DeAnza Community College District

No matter the enterprise application, organizations are well served to take a long hard look at using DecisionDirector to jump start any major software acquisition and implementation. Not only will the end-users have a platform that guides them easily through the business process review but DecisionDirector will guide any project team to engage in planning efforts that will ultimately lead to a more successful implementation, more satisfied system stakeholders, and a more widely adopted new application!

Tom Payne

National Director of Business Development, CIBER, Inc.

No other company could have helped us navigate 400 ERP stakeholders from skepticism to unanimous agreement in the same time frame. Advantiv is simply the most responsive company I have ever worked with. Period. DecisionDirector allowed us to gather and validate requirements in a way we could never afford to do by hand. We collected 155,000 votes representing over 4,000 hours of stakeholder involvement and turned that into meaningful reporting that drove our final decision. We spent more time arguing over the other firm’s contract than we spent assessing AND validating our requirements with Advantiv. Advantiv got us working. More importantly, they got us working together.

Brett Coryell

ERP Project Director, Purdue University

Our goal was to find a tool for organizing and expediting the process of system requirements definition and Vendor Selection for a new student information system. Advantiv’s DecisionDirector and its related KnowledgePacks helped us to develop our functional requirements and business needs quickly and accurately. The responsive and highly knowledgeable staff at Advantiv allowed us to complete our project on time, within budget, and to the complete satisfaction of our System Acquisition Team. The entire process was highly informative and educational. Goal achieved!

Chauncey Jackson

Program Manager, The University of Texas at Arlington

Advantiv’s technology helped put our Peoplesoft implementation back on track. Their business content and process helped us define our implementation needs and requirements quickly and accurately resulting in significant reduction in time spent in fit/gap sessions.

Ilee Rhimes

Vice Chancellor of Technology and CIO, City Colleges of Chicago

The South Dakota Regental System used Advantiv Solutions DecisionDirector to assess Request for Information responses and through the subsequent vendor selection process. DecisionDirector was invaluable in collecting and analyzing data from all participants in the project. The analysis reporting provided was then used to insure the objectives established by the South Dakota Regental System for the project were met and the best vendor was selected. DecisionDirector allowed scores of participants from eight institutions throughout the state to provide input and provided a great method of analyzing their input to make the best decision for the System. I would highly recommend Advantiv Solutions!

Elaine F. Hayes

Special Projects Manager, South Dakota Board of Regents

We have a highly decentralized campus with 9 schools, each acting as silos with independent systems, best practices, et cetera. In order to succeed with such a large initiative, we knew that a large committee would be necessary, but it would need to function efficiently. DecisionDirector made things feasible that were not feasible before such as obtaining the input of so many people and still being able to function and move forward. It would have taken many more months to be where we are today. It will save us many months going forward by getting the input up front. And it has helped us to avoid future problems. For example, if 8 schools voted high on a feature needed but one school voted low, we investigated and usually found someone had a pet project with emotion tied to it. We knew to keep that potential problem in the back of our minds going forward

Bob Jefferis

Project Director, Case Western Reserve University

Advantiv’s technology allowed over 800 participants from geographically and culturally diverse organizations to participate simultaneously in Oracle’s nation-wide, complex software product planning project. We achieved greater client involvement, cut planning time significantly and reached a point of consensus with six diverse institutions. DecisionDirector saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff time and travel expenses and enabled us to include the input of hundreds more participants than we originally envisioned. Additionally, our bottom-line was positively and significantly impacted as a result of reduced planning time, increased market opportunity, and moving quickly to consensus.

Pat McElroy

Director of Marketing, Higher Education Vertical, Oracle Corporation

Oracle wanted us to put together a set of specifications for four major student information system modules during three rounds of input over just two months’ time. At first, I said, ‘It simply can’t be done in that short a time.’ Our campuses are 200 miles apart. That’s when I was told about Advantiv and its Internet-based application with a database full of prospective information system specifications from which we could pick and choose those that would best meet our needs. Advantiv gave us an organizational structure that moved the process along quickly. We didn’t have to invent information from scratch and we were able to express our opinions easily and conveniently. It’s a simple fact that without Advantiv, we could not have identified the specs within the time frame presented. Advantiv’s DecisionDirector allowed us to do the job without having to gather 250 people in the same room.

Stan Jakubik

Project Manager, University of Maryland

With Advantiv’s assistance, HBU was able to accelerate the selection process to meet our aggressive timeframe, and render results with confidence of accuracy and objectivity that, left on our own, we could not have achieved. What would have taken more than a year to do on our own took 6-7 months with assistance from Advantiv. DecisionDirector is a non-intrusive mechanism that allowed the participants to continue to maintain focus on their primary jobs while allowing the process to proceed without pulling them for more than short spurts away from those primary duties. As a result, we were able to include the entire university constituency where otherwise only a focused group of resources could have participated in the process. Possibly the best part about using Advantiv Solution is the personal attention offered by Dan Miller and David McCurdy. They were available virtually 24 hours per day, helped me strategize the process from beginning to end, and allowed me to tailor DecisionDirector to fit our situation and needs.

Dennis J. Huff, Ph.D

CISA Director of Information Systems, Houston Baptist University